Southeastern Fises Council List of Fishes

For the purposes of the Southeastern Fishes Council, the southeastern United States shall be defined by the following drainages: Atlantic slope from the Potomac River southward to Key West and Gulf of Mexico tributaries west to the Mississippi River; southern tributaries of the Ohio River from the Monongahela River to the Tennessee River; eastern tributaries of the Mississippi River from the Mississippi River Delta to the mouth of the Ohio River; Ozark Mountains and associated uplands, and the extension of Ozarkian rivers to the Mississippi River, Ouachita Mountains and associated uplands, and portions of other western Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico tributaries east of the Balcones Escarpment to the Rio Grande River
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Diadromous (D) and Marine (M) designated after common name.
Status: CS = considered stable, V = vulnerable, T = threatened, E = endangered, SOA = similarity of apperance, EX = extirpated from Southeast, X = extinct, Xp = possibly extinct, SOA = similarity of appearance
Presence by state or basin: 1 = Presence in state only for drainages that are part of the SFC Southeast (defined above), N = native to state in at least one drainage, I = introduced, not native to any drainage in the state, Exstate = extirpated from the state or the part of the state that is the SFC Southeast, Reint = reintroduced after extirpation, ? = state status uncertain