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Population and Community Ecology (BSC 441/541)

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Lecture and Lab Files

August 16 Notes No lab this week
August 21 Notes Aug. 21
Notes Aug. 23
Diversity Spreadsheet
Reading for next week: Limberger, R., and S. A. Wickham. 2012. Disturbance and diversity at two spatial scales. Oecologia 168(3):785-795.
Discussion and setup first project
Lab notes Aug. 21
August 28-30 Notes Aug. 28
Notes Aug. 30 (Sept. 5)
Field work for first project. Come to class prepared to work outside.
September 11-13 Notes Sept. 11
Notes Sept. 13
Updated 9/16 - Data for first class project. There are three sheets. The first has the general range of data on it, canopy cover, leaf litter mass etc. The second sheet is the diameter of each gallberry stem measured at each sample spot. The third sheet is the woody vegetation cover data.
September 18-20 Notes Sept. 18
Life history spreadsheet
Notes Sept. 20
Reading for Monday: Polis, G. A., and R. D. Farley. 1980. Population biology of a desert scorpion: survivorship, microhabitat, and the evolution of life history strategy. Ecology 61(3):620-629.
Reading for graduate student exam: Shurin, J. B. 2007. How is diversity related to species turnover through time? Oikos 116(6):957-965.
Turn in first draft of papers. Discussion of class experiment 2.
Guidelines for reviewing a paper
September 25-27 Notes Sept. 25
Exam 1 Wednesday
Turn in peer reviews today in lab. Please do not put your name on your review. Instead, email Jay ( with your name and manuscript number. This will allow him to match your name with review and keep it anonymous to the original author.
We will start class experiment 2.
Experiment 2 note and protocols.
October 2-4 Notes Oct. 2
Notes Oct. 4
Spreadsheet with Lotka-Volterra models of predation.
Reading for next week:Eubanks, M. D., and R. F. Denno. 2000. Health food versus fast food: the effects of prey quality and mobility on prey selection by a generalist predator and indirect interactions among prey species. Ecological Entomology 25:140-146.
Continue trials for class experiment 2. Discuss group projects. Receive reviews of first paper.
October 9-11 Notes Oct. 9
Notes Oct. 11
Reading for next week: Pritchard, J. R., and D. Schluter. 2001. Declining interspecific competition during character displacement: Summoning the ghost of competition past. Evolutionary Ecology Research 3:209-220.

Finish trials for class experiment 2. Turn in final paper I. Discuss group projects.
Results from second class experiment

Copies of all data sheets

    Columns in the spreadsheet:
  • Trial-the eight days we conducted trials
  • treat-numeric code for treatments as it was on the datasheet
  • Turb-(H)igh or (L)ow turbidity
  • Struc-(Y)es or (N)o for presence of structure
  • Tank-individual tank ID
  • n-number of remaining prey

Turb and Struc are blank for the controls.
The predator in tank I in trial 8 died during trials so we have no data there.
October 16-18 Notes Oct. 16
Notes Oct. 18
Graduate Student Reading for Exam: Polivka, K. 2005. Resource matching across habitats is limited by competition at patch scales in an estuarine-opportunist fish. Canadian Journal Of Fisheries And Aquatic Sciences 62:913-924.
Begin individual group projects.
October 23-25 Notes Oct. 25 Individual group projects. Second paper due Monday.
October 30-Nov 1 Notes Oct. 30
Reading: Drake, J. A. 1991. Community-assembly mechanics and the structure of an experimental species ensemble. The American Naturalist 137(1):1-26.
Notes Nov. 1
Individual group projects. Second paper due, begin peer review.
Nov 6-8 Notes Nov. 6
Notes Nov. 8
Individual group projects. Second peer review due today.
Nov 13-15 Graduate student reading for exam: Hempson, T., N. Graham, A. MacNeil, N. Bodin. 2017. Regime shifts shorten food chains for mesopredators with potential sublethal effects. Functional Ecology doi: 10.1111/1365-2435.13012
Notes Nov. 13
Notes Nov. 15
Nov 27-29 Notes Nov. 27
Group presentation (crawfish foraging)
Group presentation (habitat heterogeneity)
Group Presentation (bird diversity)
Group Presentation (centrarchid population sizes)
Final papers due Wednesday. Group presentations Wednesday.