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Population and Community Ecology (BSC 441/541)

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Lecture and Lab Files

August 19 Notes No lab this week
August 24-26 Notes Aug. 24
Notes Aug. 26
Diversity Spreadsheet
Design class project 1
Lab notes Aug. 24
August 31- September 2 Notes Aug. 31
Notes Sept. 1
Paper to read for next week: Limberger, R., and S. A. Wickham. 2012. Disturbance and diversity at two spatial scales. Oecologia 168:785-795.
Begin class project 1
September 9 Notes Sept. 9
September 14-16 Notes Sept. 14
Life Table Spreadsheet
Notes Sept. 16
Paper to read for next week: Polis, G. A., and R. D. Farley. 1980. Population biology of a desert scorpion: survivorship, microhabitat, and the evolution of life history strategy. Ecology 61:620-629.
Daphnia data for papers
Some Daphnia methods
September 21-23

Notes Sept. 21
Notes Sept. 23
Paper for graduate students to read for test: Paper for graduate students: Shurin, J. B. 2007. How is diversity related to species turnover through time? Oikos 116:957-965.

First papers due next week, design class experiment 2 today in class.
September 28-30

Notes Sept. 28 (synthesis and review)
Please have your papers ready at 2:00. We will review for the exam before starting the peer review process and then sampling in lab. We are checking the water levels in the creeks this morning.

First papers due, we will be sampling outside today, come prepared.

Reviewer guilelines for papers.
October 5-7 Notes Oct. 5
Notes Oct. 7
Paper to read for next week: Eubanks, M. D., and R. F. Denno. 2000. Health food versus fast food: the effects of prey quality and mobility on prey selection by a generalist predator and indirect interactions among prey species. Ecological Entomology 25:140-146.
Please bring your reviews to class. Come prepared to do our second sampling trip (non-urban streams), same protocol as last Monday.
October 12-14 Notes Oct. 12
Notes Oct. 14
Paper to read for next week: Pritchard, J. R., and D. Schluter. 2001. Declining interspecific competition during character displacement: Summoning the ghost of competition past. Evolutionary Ecology Research 3:209-220.
Sample sorting in lab. Data for experiment 2 available Tuesday or Wednesday.
October 19-21 Notes Oct. 19
Paper for graduate students to read for test: Cameron, T. C., H. J. Wearing, P. Rohani, and S. M. Sait. 2007. Two-species asymmetric competition: effects of age structure on intra- and interspecific interactions. Journal Of Animal Ecology 76:83-93.
Notes Oct. 21
Please bring papers to class at 2:00 so we can collect them and begin the peer review process.
Start groups projects.
Please turn in your group project summary as soon as possible
October 27-29 Notes Oct. 29 Group Projects
November 2-4 Notes Nov. 2
Notes Nov. 4
Reading for Monday: Drake, J. A. 1991. Community-assembly mechanics and the structure of an experimental species ensemble. The American Naturalist 137:1-26.
Group Projects
November 9-11 Notes Nov. 9
Notes Nov. 11
Group Projects
November 16-18 Notes Nov. 16
Notes Nov. 18
Paper for graduate students to read for test:Power, M. E. 1990. Effects of fish in river food webs. Science 250:811-814.
Group Projects
November 30- December 1 Notes Nov. 30
Group 1
Group 2
Group 3 (updated)
Group presentations and papers due Wednesday