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Class notes and handouts:

Notes from 1/18

Notes from 1/23

Notes from 1/25

Reading for next week: - Burness, G.P., J. Diamond and T. Flannery. 2001. Dinosaurs, dragons, and dwarfs: The evolution of maximal body size. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 98(25):

Notes from 1/30 - please also read Burness et al. 2001 for discussion Monday.

Notes from 2/1

Practice Quiz 1

Notes from 2/6

Notes from 2/8

Reading for next week - Goolish, E.M., R.S. Burton. 1989. Energetics of osmoregulation in an intertidal Copepod: effects of anoxia and lipid reserves on the pattern of free amino accumulation. Functional Ecology 3:

Notes from 2/13

Notes from 2/15

Practice Quiz 2

Graduate student reading for exam: Sabat P, Maldonaldo K, Canals M, Martinez Del Rio C (2006) Osmoregulation and adaptive radiation in the ovenbird genus Cinclodes (Passeriformes: Furnariidae). Functional Ecology 20:799–805

Notes from 2/20

Some quiz answers - For brevity, definitions and questions pulled right from the text or notes are not included. Note also that you will need to answer in complete sentences with illustrative examples or other pertinent details on the exam.

Notes from 3/1

Notes from 3/6

Reading for next week: Kenagy GJ, Hoyt DF (1989) Speed and time-energy budget for locomotion in golden-mantled ground squirrels. Ecology 70:1834–1839

Notes from 3/8

Notes from 3/20

Practice Quiz 3

Notes from 3/22

Reading for next week: Bradford, D. F. 1983. Winterkill, oxygen relations, and energy metabolism of a submerged dormant amphibian, Rana muscosa. Ecology 64:1171–1183.

Notes from 3/27

Notes from 3/29

Graduate student reading for exam: Projecto-Garcia et al. 2013. Repeated elevational transitions in hemoglobin function during evolution of Andean hummingbirds. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: 110(51) 20669-20674.